Good quality means beauty itself, but also stability in production and a reasonable price. We are ready to satisfy everyone.



Numerous unexpected variables are always considered. Our strength lies in our ability to manage these variables and ship the goods on time.



We do business with various partners. We understand the importance of relationship and work as one big family.



We are always doing our best to be your top partner, striving for harmony in quality and time management.


Tri-Tex is a textile supplier based in Korea. The company is organized with experts that have first-rate experience and knowledge. We are currently doing business with the highest class of Korean, award-winning manufactures. Our markets are in the USA, China, Vietnam, Canada and throughout the EU; and each of these markets have proven to be a successful extension of our business. We can do every part in the production of woven fabrics. Please contact us if you have any project requests. We are always ready to be your best partner.




We have two partnered mills that are used. They are biggest and best in Korea, each assuring stable access to resources and the ability to fulfill any order, at any time – from development to mass bulk production.



Colors are matched by a state-of-the-art Computer Color Matching System. Your custom colors will be tested by a Lab Dip, and the chosen option must be reproduced in bulk. Also, it will show perfect performance in any physics or chemical textile test.



Screen, Discharge, Rotary and Digital – we can do every kind of print. We are partners with the best Korean printing mill, so the quality is always strongly guaranteed.



Many types of finishes are available, such as Tumble Washing, Bio-Polishing, Sand Washing, WR and Anti-Static. We guarantee that the qualities will show great performance in shrinkage and drape hand-feel tests.

Hello from our team members


Steve Kim - Production Manager

Hello!! We are ready to be your best partner. If you need our help, please do not hasitate! ;-)


Connor Cho - Quality Manager

We are always doing our best to provide you "Better than good". Thank you.


Sunny Hwang - Sales Manager

Anytime and whatever, we have strong confidence to make the best result out! : )


Jin Woo - Assistant Manager

Your contact will be big thanks. Please remember we are always here for you!


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